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Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone

China WuHan RedBird Biotech Co,Ltd. certification
China WuHan RedBird Biotech Co,Ltd. certification
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Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone

Large Image :  Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone

Product Details:

Brand Name: RedBird

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100Grams
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Foil Bag
Delivery Time: 3-7days after received payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000Kg Per Month
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Domperidone Appearance: White Powder
Purity: 99% Cas: 57808-66-9
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Usage: Anti-Vomiting
High Light:

pharma grade steroids


pharmaceutical anabolic steroids

USP Standard Pharmaceutical Grade 99% Purity Domperidone Raw Powder For Anti-Vomiting CAS 57808-66-9



Appearance:white powder
Standard:BP standard


Domperidone is used to relieve feelings of sickness (nausea) or being sick (vomiting). Feeling sick can be a common symptom, but it may be due to a number of different causes. You will only be recommended an anti-emetic like domperidone if the cause of your sickness is known.

Domperidone works by helping to move the food in your stomach through your digestive system more quickly. This helps to stop you from feeling sick.


The COA of Domperidone:

Product name Domperidone BP
CAS No. 57808-66-9 Outer Packing 25KG/DRUM
Production date NOV.2016 Shelf life OCT.2019
Standard adopted BP
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance white or almost white powder white powder
solubility practically insoluble in water,soluble in dimethyl formanide,slightly soluble in ethanol(96%) and in methanol. complies
identification tests    
A.melting point 244.0 ℃-248.0℃ 246.0 ℃-247.1℃
B.by IR IR spectrum of test sample should match with IR spectrum of working standard. complies
C.by TLC the principal spot in the chromatogram obtained with the test solution in similar in position and size to the principal spot in the chromatogram obtained with reference solution(a). complies
appearance of solution the solution should be clear and not more intensely colored than reference solution Y6 Meets the requirement
related substances by HPLC    
Impurity -A Not more than 0.25% 0.09%
Impurity-B Not more than 0.25% Not detected
Impurity-C Not more than 0.25% Not detected
Impurity-D Not more than 0.25% 0.12%
Impurity-E Not more than 0.25% Not detected
Impurity-F Not more than 0.25% Not detected
Unspicified impurities Not more than 0.10% 0.07%
total impurities Not more than 0.5% 0.15%
heavy metals Not more than 20ppm less than 20 ppm
loss on drying Not more than 0.5% 0.43%
sulphate ash Not more than 0.1% 0.04%
assay on chemical(on dried basis) 99.0%-101.0% w/w 99.7% w/w
particl size(malvern particle size analyzer) d90-not less than 400;d50-not later than 300 meets the requirement
Conclusion Qualified


Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone 0

Domperidone belongs to anticholinergic antispasmodic, prokinetic drugs and antiemetic drugs.It has potent peripheral dopamine receptor antagonist, anti vomiting and stomach dynamic effect, can affect the gastrointestinal motility, gastrointestinal peristalsis and upper tension normal, promote gastric emptying, enhance gastric antrum and duodenal motility, coordination of pylorus contraction. Nausea and vomiting caused by indigestion, functional, organic, infectious, diet, radiation therapy, or drug treatment. Because of its almost no inhibitory effect on dopamine receptors in the brain, there is no psychiatric or neurological adverse effects. It can also be used for the nausea caused by dopamine receptor agonist in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Package & Storage:

Package: 1kg/Bag, by plastic bag,or aluminium foil bag, 25kg drums, or as per your request
Storage: Stored in cool and dry palce. Keep away from strong light ,high temperature.
Shelf life: 3 years when properly stored.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Domperidone 1

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